Poverty and Hunger

A Brief Description

Even though the world produces enough food to feed our global population of 7 billion people, poverty and hunger are still the norm for most people. Hunger is the inability to obtain enough food to be healthy and can appear visibly as acute starvation or more subtly as daily undernourishment. In a similar way, poverty can be defined as absolute, where a person lacks basic human needs, or as relative, where economic inequality determines poverty.

Global poverty and hunger are complex, inter-related issues that can occur due to a wide range of factors. The World Food Programme has identified 6 of the many issues they believe are important in causing hunger:

  • Poverty trap 
  • Lack of investment in agriculture 
  • Climate and weather
  • War and displacement 
  • Unstable markets and food wastage.

In the developing world, hunger exists as food insecurity and affects millions, including the middle class. For poverty alleviation, strategies include increasing the supply of basic needs to the 6 main characteristics of poverty, which include inadequate health, hunger, education, housing, utilities and the prevalence of violence.

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