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Transparency in government can be defined as an openness toward the public at large about government structure and functions, fiscal policy intentions, public sector accounts, and projections. It involves ready access to reliable, comprehensive, timely, understandable, and internationally comparable information on government activities—whether undertaken inside or outside the government sector—so that the electorate and financial markets can accurately assess the government’s financial position and the true costs and benefits of government activities, including their present and future economic and social implications. Transparency in government operations is widely regarded as an important precondition for macroeconomic fiscal sustainability, good governance, and overall fiscal rectitude. [Source:]

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Design, Technology, and Marketing Hackers Wanted!

Americans have lost faith in our system of governance. 96% of voters agree that money in politics is a problem, but 91% don’t think it can be fixed.

But we know we can fix...

February 21-23, 2014 — CodeAcross the world!

CodeAcross 2014 is a weekend of events taking place in cities around the world. There will be events hosted simultaneously in dozens of cities all around the globe on the weekend of February 21-23,...

Be it Lahore or Karachi, we have civic problems! Do you want to bring a civic innovation revolution to Pakistan? Do you have ideas about how to fix things? Do you like working with other intelligent people? Have skills like web or mobile development or...


Social media and communications technologies are proving invaluable to those who seek to build more transparent, accountable and empowering democratic societies.  Solutions which challenge citizens to question their own behaviors, participate in...

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