Sales Hack

225 Bush St
94107 San Francisco, CA
United States
Saturday, January 31, 2015
Goals and Issues: 
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Sales Hack

SalesHack is the ultimate sales competition. Think Pitch Competition meets hackathon. SalesHack allows companies to pitch their issue, candidates listen, and then the candidates pitch back on what they can do if they worked for that company. 150 will attend. Not all will be accepted, but we encourage you to apply!


we will allow companies to come that are growing their sales teams. They may be looking for individual contributors, or folks at the managerial/director level. Companies will have a representative (can be CEO or sales person, anyone) pitch what they sell, who they sell to, how much they’re selling, why they need help, and what systems they use to sell with. Companies will pay a fee of $5K to be able to pitch, and get access to candidate info, and potentially want to hire based on what the candidate(s) pitch back after their hack.

Sales Candidates

apply to the event through the FREE ticketing process, and we vet you based on linkedin profile, sales experience, and other criteria. You will apply through eventbrite. Candidates will be matched with companies based on the challenges you are good at solving.

There is no teaming up. Every man for himself!

Two candidate level pitches:

Individual Contributor

Pretty much an account executive. They will just go up and pitch the product as if they’re selling. They get 90 seconds. Max 50.

Manager/Director/VP Level

This can be a manager or or director level that will guide the sales strategy of the company. They will really do the hacking. Their presentation will be 4 minutes, or 240 seconds. They will be able to use slides to present, how they’ll hire, what systems are needed, as well as changes to the sales pitch. Max 50.

What else is awesome:

Great food provided all day, an awesome keynote to kick things off, amazing judges, networking, prizes, and if nothing else, a whole lot of fresh knowledge about sales! Boom.

Agenda: (Updated more later)

  • Keynote @ 10AM
  • Companies Pitch their Challenges @ 11am
  • Lunch @ 12pm
  • Make your SalesHack @ 1pm
  • Candidates Pitch their SalesHack @ 5pm
  • Judging and Prizes @ 7pm
  • Dinner and Afterparty to follow @ 9pm


Judges & Prizes

We will have four kick ass judges - judging will be on a 1-5 scale of presentation, pop, comprehension and potential. Prizes will be given. Plus the potential of being hired!


Questions? Contact us at info at