27708 Durham, NC
United States
Saturday, March 29, 2014 to Sunday, March 30, 2014
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When? Where? HackDuke is on Saturday, March 29th to Sunday, March 30th. It is hosted on Duke University's West Campus, Gross Hall.

What is the application process like? If you're a Duke student, fill out this form. If you're not a Duke student, fill out this form.

I don't know how to program, can I still attend? Of course! HackDuke is for people who are interested in applying the power of technology to solve an issue in the world or create an impact. If you are an expert in one of the tracks of impact, we would love to have you participate! Besides, it wouldn't hurt to learn a little bit of programming :)

Who can I work with? Anyone! Get to know your fellow programmers better from your own school and from other schools as well! The only request that we have is that you make a new friend by talking to each other, our mentors and our experts!

What can I make? We welcome all software and hardware hacks that align to our tracks for impact. We will also have lab space for hardware hackers.

Did someone say prizes? Yes, but there's a little twist! The prizes are donations under your name to our local charities and an awesome hack kitty 3D printed trophy for your team!

What are the tracks of impact? These are our tentative tracks: Education Inequality Wellness

Who can participate? As long as you're a student (undergraduate or graduate), you're free to participate! If you're a new grad, we'd love to have you too. If you want to be a mentor, see here!

Am I going to have fun? Heck yeah! There's going to be: A Nerf Gun War! Pew pew! A scavenger hunt Lots of non-profit mentors and tech sponsor talks Have a suggestion? Send us a message! :)

Anything I should remember to bring? Bring your own ethernet cables (or you can just WIFI) and bring any Nerf gun arsenal you have!

Travel? Anyone from across the nation is welcome to come! Travel reimbursments will be issued for those who are in need financial aid.

How can I help? I want to volunteer! If you're a Duke student and you want to help out day of, please fill out this form! You'll get a free hack kitty t-shirt. :D

How do I get in touch? Contact us at hackers@hackduke.org.