Alameda County Apps Challenge 2014.1

8151 Village Pkwy
94568 Dublin, CA
United States
Saturday, May 3, 2014
Goals and Issues: 
Hosted by : 
County of Alameda

Hackathon #3
And the Challenge continues…

Calling all residents! Are you a Promoter, Developer, Marketer, Collaborator, and/ or Observer? It doesn't matter what role you fill. Your skills, passion, and enthusiasm are what we need to make a difference for the residents of Alameda County.

Join us on May 3rd, form a team, join a team or come alone. The choice is yours. Use technology, open data, participate, and collaborate to create your ACApp.

Create a concept, web and/or mobile app that:

  • Will benefit Alameda County residents, businesses and/or visitors and...
  • Uses at least one of the data sets from Alameda County Open Data or create data about Alameda County

Yes, you can improve your local government and your community. You can make a difference! Take the challenge, the ACApps Challenge 2014.1.