All around the world hackathons are bringing together talented and motivated developers. We see hackathons as a tremendous opportunity for developers to use their skills to improve communities.  

Developers have a lot of technical expertise, but they might not be experts on solving social problems (not many people are). This project is a first step in providing those developers with background information about the civic issues that can benefit from their skills. That way they can spend less time researching issues and more time coding solutions. 

Think of the pages on this site as non-technical libraries - dependencies that will give you a head start on understanding the civic challenges you're working on at a hackathon. It's our goal to describe problems in a way that provides insight to developers and do a first pass of research. We include information such as existing solutions, useful APIs or datasets, and groups doing work in these areas. 

Under Causes & Issues, you will find hackathons and more detailed information about where NGOs and developers are collaborating.

We want your input if you are a:  

Developer: Tell us if this information helps you. Tell us how we can improve the pages, what else we can get you so that you can build solutions that can be adopted in the communities you care about. 

NGO Staffer: Do you know about one of the issues we've described? Did we get it right, wrong? Can we do a better job of describing your most pressing needs?